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Woburn Safari Park offers an unforgettable wildlife experience. Meet the animals up close and personal, from majestic lions to playful monkeys and graceful giraffes. Embark on the Road Safari adventure, driving through open enclosures to witness zebras, rhinos, and more in their natural habitat. Explore the Foot Safari to discover exotic birds, penguins, and smaller creatures. Kids can enjoy the free play areas, offering interactive fun. Don’t miss the opportunity to make lasting memories at Woburn Safari Park. Get your tickets and offers now!

Attractions At Woburn Safari Park

Himalayan Heights

This specially crafted enclosure caters to the unique needs of the park’s charming red pandas. Established in 2017, coinciding with the arrival of these enchanting russet-furred creatures at Woburn Safari Park for the very first time.

Monkey Mayhem

Embark on an adventure to observe these agile creatures as they display their remarkable climbing prowess. Behold as they effortlessly traverse the ropes, trees, and elevated perches within their newly constructed abode, mimicking their natural behavior in the wild.

Humboldt Harbour

Delight in a distinctive perspective through the recently incorporated viewing windows, granting visitors a fascinating glimpse into the intricate network of burrows meticulously crafted by the penguins annually.

Birds of prey

Stroll through the aviaries to explore the abodes of diverse avian species, including the African spotted eagle owl, red-legged seriema, Harris hawk, brown wood owl, great grey owl, and the Turkmenian eagle owl.

Rainbow landing

Nestled within these grounds reside the coconut lorikeets and dusky lories, adorned with vibrant plumage. These captivating parrots possess unique adaptations, such as a brush-like tongue, perfectly suited for their nectar-based diet.

Sea Lion Beach

Marvel at Kira and Leoni sea lions mesmerizing display of their innate swimming abilities as you observe these graceful creatures in action. Delight in the feeding sessions as they indulge in nourishment, and witness their serene moments of relaxation both in and out of the water.

Land of lemurs

Step into their enchanting woodland sanctuary and engage in a captivating quest to spot the lemurs as they embark on their foraging expeditions, enjoy moments of slumber, and skillfully traverse the treetops right above your head.

Otter Falls

Within Otter Falls, you’ll find a haven for a delightful family of Asian short-clawed otters. Observe with joy as these playful creatures frolic in and around their meticulously designed enclosure, complete with a cascading waterfall that serves as their natural playground.

Birds in action

Marvel at the resplendent blue and gold macaw, majestic military macaw, stunning green-winged macaw, magnificent greater sulphur crested cockatoo, and charming lesser cockatoo as they take center stage in this mesmerizing spectacle.

Australian Walkabout

The entrance to this captivating experience can be found across from Elephant Meadow, in the concrete car park. Please be aware that a one-way system has been implemented to ensure adherence to social distancing guidelines, providing a safe environment for all visitors to enjoy.

Cachorro Range

You’ll discover a vibrant home to a pack of five bush dogs. This lively pack comprises of one female and four males: Pongo, Padfoot, Dante, Scrappy Dappy Doo, and Shiloh. Ranging in age from seven to 10 years old, these spirited individuals bring charm and energy to their captivating habitat.

Desert springs

Embark on an exciting adventure as you encounter a lively troop of playful meerkats within their purpose-built habitat. This specially designed space aims to foster their natural foraging, burrowing, and breeding behaviors, providing a captivating glimpse into their fascinating lives.

Farmyard Friends

Embark on a delightful encounter with your beloved farmyard animals in this enchanting walk-through enclosure. Prepare to be greeted by a charming assortment of creatures, including Anglo-Nubian goats, pygmy goats, Kunekune pigs, Somali black-headed sheep, and a Shetland pony.

Chelonia pathways

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Chelonia Pathways, an outdoor sanctuary that serves as a home to a captivating group of Aldabra giant tortoises. This habitat offers a unique opportunity for visitors to witness both the tortoises’ outdoor and indoor.

Elephant Meadow

Elephant Meadow welcomes visitors with its expansive paddock enclosure. Here, you can marvel at the sight of elephants peacefully grazing in their meticulously crafted and thoughtfully designed habitat.

Opened: 1970
Number of animals: 1.000

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Opening Times

Monday: 9.30m – 4.45pm
Tuesday: 9.30m – 4.45pm
Wednesday: 9.30m – 4.45pm
Thursday: 9.30m – 4.45pm
Friday: 9.30m – 4.45pm
Saturday: 9.30m – 4.45pm
Sunday: 9.30m – 4.45pm


Crawley Rd, Woburn, Ridgmont, Bedford MK43 0TU

Phone Number

01525 290407






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Ticket Price List

Ticket TypePrice
Single Day Ticket – Adult£28.99
Standard Day Ticket – Child£20.99
Under 3’sFree
Disabled and Carer (2ppl ticket)£28.99
Additional Carer£18.99
Annual Pass Holder Day Ticket£0.00

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Is there car parking?Yes
Can I bring my own food?Yes
Is there food and drink?Yes
Is there a toilet?Yes
Can I take my dog?No
Baby Changing Facilities?Yes

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