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Sea Life Scarborough is more than just an Aquarium—it’s a hub of exciting events and experiences that cater to all sea life enthusiasts. A great standout event is the Scarborough Beach Clean, where visitors can participate in a meaningful activity like picking up plastic bottles, and contribute to the preservation of the marine environment.

For a magical evening, “After Hours with the Mermaids” offers a unique opportunity to witness enchanting mermaids swimming alongside the sea creatures. It’s an unforgettable experience that captures the imagination.

Quiet at the Aquarium” is a special time designated for those who prefer a calm and peaceful visit. With reduced noise and fewer crowds, guests can explore the exhibits in a serene atmosphere.

Sea Life Scarborough also hosts informative talks and feeding times, allowing visitors to learn more about marine life and witness the feeding habits of various species. Additionally, VIP Experiences offer exclusive behind-the-scenes access and personalized interactions with the animals, providing a truly immersive encounter.

Sea Life Scarborough is a captivating destination that goes beyond traditional aquarium experiences, offering a range of events and opportunities to engage, educate, and create lasting memories.

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What’s Inside Sea Life Scarborough

Native Sharks & Rays

Begin your voyage in the mesmerizing Bay of Rays. Here, a captivating array of wondrous organisms await, showcasing the remarkable biodiversity of the UK’s aquatic realm. Prepare to encounter magnificent Thornback Rays and formidable Bull Huss Sharks, among other awe-inspiring creatures that call this place their home!.

Coral Cove

Get ready to be astounded as you approach the Coral Cove exhibit, where you’ll experience an unparalleled closeness to a breathtaking array of vibrant and captivating creatures. Brace yourself for an enchanting encounter with an assortment of dazzling marine life that will leave you awe-inspired and mesmerized.

Penguin Island

Indulge in an up-close and personal experience with the most amusing inhabitants of the Center. Don’t forget to keep your camera within reach, as you’ll encounter numerous picture-perfect moments that are just begging for a selfie. Get ready to capture delightful memories with these comical creatures that will bring laughter and joy to your visit!.

Otter River

Step outside and immerse yourself in an intimate encounter with our beloved residents, Harris and Willow, the Asian Short Clawed Otters. These charismatic creatures offer a rare opportunity for a close and personal experience. While otters in the wild typically have a life expectancy of 12 years, their lifespan is extended in captivity, allowing for even more cherished moments with these delightful animals.

Beach Bites Outdoor Adventure Playground

Give your little fish the chance to release their boundless energy in our exciting outdoor play area! This specially designed space offers a perfect opportunity for children to frolic and have a blast, engaging in fun-filled activities that will keep them entertained for hours.

Seal Hospital

Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary proudly hosts Yorkshire’s exclusive Seal Hospital, providing a haven for injured seals. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as you witness the remarkable path these seals undertake, from their rescue from the nearby coastal waters to their comprehensive rehabilitation and ultimate release back into their natural habitat.

Seal Pool

Experience our primary Seal Pool, home to Mando, Pendle, Boo, and Ed – our distinctive quartet of resident male seals. Each seal has a captivating story, making their presence at the attraction truly special. Learn their tales at the main seal pool.

Ocean Tunnel

Our extraordinary Ocean Tunnel, brimming with 156,000 litres of pristine natural seawater. holds a captivating spectacle of vibrant fish species, intermingled with the presence of our magnificent Black-tip sharks. Prepare to be mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of colors and the awe-inspiring marine life that inhabit this breathtaking aquatic sanctuary.

Kingdom of Seahorses

Enjoy a captivating exploration of the “Kingdom of the Seahorses” during your visit and uncover the secrets of these extraordinary creatures. Delve into their fascinating world, marvel at their unique features, and witness their graceful movements as you immerse yourself in this enchanting realm. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty and allure of these amazing seahorses on your journey through this remarkable exhibit.


Prepare to be enthralled by the wonders of rockpools, which serve as captivating micro-habitats teeming with incredible creatures! Are you daring enough to experience the sensation of stroking a Sea Anemone or Starfish? Discover your bravery during your visit and delve into an interactive encounter with these fascinating marine creatures.

Rainforest Adventure

Are you ready to embark on a fearless expedition through the Rainforest? Prepare to be immersed in a realm teeming with captivating creatures, from crawling critters to lurking lizards. Marvel at the breathtaking hues of our Poison Arrow Dart Frogs and Green Tree Pythons, as they showcase their vibrant colors.

Breed, Rescue, Protect

At SEA LIFE Scarborough, conservation lies at the core of our mission. As you embark on your exploration with us, you’ll discover numerous opportunities to deepen your understanding of the challenges that marine life faces and how you can contribute to their protection.

Meet Some Of The Creatures At Sea Life Scarborough

Humboldt Penguins

The Humboldt penguin, a species primarily found in the northern region of Chile, specifically the Pingüino de Humboldt. These penguins are facing a concerning decline in their population, with estimates suggesting that as few as 10,000 individuals remain in the wild.


Jellyfish, captivating creatures that have graced our oceans for approximately 500 million years, according to scientific findings. With over 350 distinct species, these fascinating organisms display a remarkable diversity.

Seahorses, Seadragons and Pipefish

These remarkable creatures, belonging to the same family, exhibit intriguing shared characteristics. One fascinating trait is their fused jaws, which form a unique straw-like snout. Additionally, rather than having traditional scales, they possess a thin skin that stretches over a series of bony plates.


These magnificent beings have experienced remarkable brain evolution, resulting in increased intelligence and a heightened focus on their senses, particularly their exceptional sense of smell. In our vast oceans, there exist over 500 diverse species of sharks, and you’ll have the opportunity to encounter a multitude of them when you embark on an exploration of our thrilling ‘Shark Encounter’ exhibit.


Commonly referred to as harbour seals, these fascinating creatures are typically found inhabiting sandflats and estuaries. The UK’s largest colony of common seals can be found in The Wash of East Anglia, though they can also be spotted along rocky shores in Scotland. Delve into their natural habitat and explore the captivating environments where these remarkable seals thrive, discovering the diverse landscapes that they call home.

Japanese Spider Crab

The sheer size of Giant Japanese spider crabs is truly awe-inspiring, with their claws alone measuring a staggering 3 meters in length. To put this into perspective, these crabs are so colossal that they can tower over a Mini Cooper car. Witness the impressive magnitude of these fascinating creatures as you encounter them, and be amazed by the remarkable proportions that nature can achieve.

Coral Reef Inhabitants

Although they occupy less than 1% of the vast ocean floor, the significance of this habitat cannot be underestimated. Surprisingly, more than a quarter, or approximately 25%, of marine species rely on this habitat in various ways for their very survival. This remarkable statistic highlights the critical role played by this habitat in sustaining a diverse array of marine life.


Octopuses belong to the mollusk family, which places them in the same phylum as Slugs, Snails, Cuttlefish, and Squid. Renowned for their remarkable intelligence, octopuses stand out as one of the most intelligent invertebrate species, meaning animals without a backbone.

Rockpool Creatures

Rockpools come to life as a result of the water that remains trapped when the tide recedes. Within these shallow pools, a diverse array of fascinating creatures finds their home. Surviving in this dynamic environment requires exceptional resilience as they must adapt to varying temperatures and withstand the crashing waves above.

Rainforest Species

Poison Dart Frogs, exquisite creatures found in the lush landscapes of Central and South America, resemble vibrant, glistening gems as they gracefully navigate through the foliage. Their stunning and diverse array of colors, reminiscent of precious jewels, captivates the observer’s gaze, making these enchanting frogs a sight to behold.


Rays, fascinating creatures that share a close evolutionary connection with sharks, emerged from their shark ancestors approximately 150 million years ago. Similar to sharks, rays lack a bony skeleton and instead possess a lightweight framework composed of cartilage, akin to the cartilage found in our nose and ears.


The Asian Short-Claw Otter holds the distinction of being the world’s smallest otter species, with an average length of approximately 70cm. In their natural habitat, these otters form tight-knit family units, residing in small groups that can consist of up to 12 individuals.

Opening Times

Monday: 10am – 3pm
Tuesday: 10am – 3pm
Wednesday: 10am – 3pm
Thursday: 10am – 3pm
Friday: 10am – 3pm
Saturday: 10am – 3pm
Sunday: 10am – 3pm


Scalby Mills Rd, Scarborough YO12 6RP

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Ticket Price List

Ticket TypePrice
Standard Ticket£16.00 – £22.00
Anytime Ticket£25.00
Sea Life Pirate Adventure Mini Golf£20.00 – £23.00
Pirate Adventure Mini Golf£5.00 – £6.00

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Is there car parking?Yes
Can I bring my own food?No
Is there food and drink?Coffee shop
Is there a toilet?Yes
Can I take my dog?Assistance dogs only

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